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Pre-Order and Lookbook

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    Hey Ammar here, Recently I am looking for the Men’s Fashion Shopify theme and I stopped at your beautiful template..!

    I Need to Purchase one but before I need to know some Answer so I cleared my mind;

    1) How can I Get Pre-Order in Qrack Theme?
    2) Is there any lookbook or if not can i create one?
    3) can I edit the page and some basic designs in Qrack like we used to do at WordPress using visual composer!

    Looking forward to your Reply…!


    Ognjen BeoCode


    thanks for the interest in our theme.

    To answer your questions:

    1. Pre-Orders can be accomplished in Shopify when quantity is zero but you let people purchase the item anyway.
    This is a default Shopify functionality. I our Qrack theme, you can change the button title in this case (by default we set it to Pre Order but you can change text in admin translation section).

    2. There is no lookbook available.

    3. Shopify is a very limited self-hosted platform so this is not possible.

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