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Qrack Theme Color Swatches and Pinterest Feed

  • Hi beocode,

    I am the Director of Operations for Alkoby Enterprises. We are setting up the website for one of our fashion brands. I would like to ask if the color swatches that the Qrack theme supports allow the product photos to be changed according to each color the user clicks. For instance, the black color swatch for a given dress should only display product photos from the black variation and the color swatch for the blue variation of the given dress should only display product photos from the blue variation.

    In addition, I would to display a Pinterest feed on our client’s store. Does the theme have a native Pinterest feed and if it does not what feed would you recommend?

    Finally, is there a way to have a merchant section that is exclusive to the wholesalers with separate prices and products from the main store that you need to log in to access. Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    Rosen Toshev

    Ognjen BeoCode


    somehow I missed a notification for this ticket, sorry.

    You can show different photos for different product variants, meaning that for example green/small and red/medium can show different image once set in Shopify admin.

    Theme does not have a pinterest feed implemented, unfortunately.

    Merchant section is not possible with basic Shopify store. You may investigate if some Shopify app exists for this since this cannot be implemented in the theme itself.

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