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Qrick Theme- Gallery

  • Can the Qrick theme include a gallery for finished products? or pictures from our customer’s shop with our products?

    Ognjen BeoCode

    Hi, each product has a gallery.
    There are no additional galleries available without some Shopify app.

    We are finalizing new theme version which will have many shortcodes available so we could create a gallery shortcode as well (currently there is Slides shortcode which you can put to any page). How would this gallery work? As a list of photos and then open a large image in popup on click?

    currently my gallery looks like this.

    scroll down to the gallery section, there are 3 galleries; retail, residential and mannequins They are in pages at the moment with some coding so that when the images are clicked, it enlarges. But the arrangement of the images are not consistent. i was hoping for a build in gallery that allows us to put up customer’s finished shops as we sell the retail fittings in parts to them in a more organised way.

    Ognjen BeoCode

    This is something we can add for the next theme release.

    I am not sure when it will be ready since we need to finish the documentation and work on few more things.
    There will be many options such as uch better Mega navigation, sections that will let you control entire website layout etc.

    Hi Ognjen, thanks for your reply. Thats good enough for me if it is something that is in the pipeline.

    Before i make the purchase, can you check for me if it is possible for me to have the blog where my current website is (where the cart and account is)? top right? and also, will i be able to remove the border from the cart, wishlist row from the design?

    Ognjen BeoCode

    Currently there is no option to add more menu items next to cart on the right.
    I am not sure I understand your other question. Can you please explain more.

    Hi Ognjen

    If you see my website, the section that says Blog, Account, Items, SGD has no borders around it. While in all 4 demos, the Wishlist, Account, Cart has a thin border line over it. Can that be removed from when im customising the look of the site?

    Ognjen BeoCode

    Yes, there is “Don’t Show Cart Button and Search Border” option in COlor section

    Great! thank you! will likely purchase!

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