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Shopify vs woocommerce

  • Hi dear
    I just wanna to know if woocommerce is far superior to Shopify and as per I see wrack template is also available for woocommerce I have qrack Shopify but I noticed to much cost by Shopify and some limitation especially into the checkout

    Ognjen BeoCode


    yes, Woocommerce give you so much more control over your store, since you are hosting the site, and have access to ALL store pages.
    Basically anything can be achieved. It also have thousands of free or premium plugins that can save you $$ on development.

    Shopify is a self-hosted solutions with limitations on what you can achieve (without the use of monthly payed Shopify apps or custom development) and almost no control over the checkout pages (unless you have Shopify + which is payed $1000 monthly so it’s only for larger stores).

    Thank you for the reply and do you have templates for Presta Shop?

    Ognjen BeoCode

    WE are working in PrestaShop theme as well, but we cannot give you a specific date when it will be published.

    Come on guys I just making the migration Now and I need your template!!!
    Come on! 🙂
    you are the best one<<!

    Ognjen BeoCode

    Thanks for the kind words 🙂

    I suppose it will take us a month or two at least.

    Ok Guys! I am looking forward to see your template in prestashop!

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