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  • Similar versions Shopify table.
    You can change like the image I sent it?
    1. Button share the product page
    2. Products in the cart on the mobile device represents the attached image
    3. Can I use the plugin for zooming product images are not? lick-click the thumbnail image corresponding to the big picture it? mobile on the big picture hover over again (Note I’m talking on the product page)
    Thank you very much. Huy hope you understand my

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    1. theme doesn’t add share buttons on it own. You can use free WordPress plugins for this. One example is: This plugin offers more customization and styles that what Shopify theme variant has.

    2. WooCommerce cart has different layout than one on Shopify. Exact layout as in your screenshot is not available. We are working on theme update that will introduce some new features including product image on mobile cart, but it will not look exactly as you posted.

    3. This is another thing that will be included in next update. It should be released within next two weeks. Product image will have internal zoom feature as an option (not in popup like currently). You will be able to navigate to the next image by clicking on thumbnails.

    Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any further questions.


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